Theres more to real-estate advertising than an ad in Times of India:  Part 1

First things first. Theres no denying the reach power of a publication behemoth such as the TOI. It’s still one of the best go-to sources for a consumer. The same way a realty exhibition is also a good source. The same way a billboard campaign makes sense sometimes. The same way 20-second spots on the radio might reach the consumer. But these are your cut and dried solutions. It may work, it might not work and every realtor is doing it.

We’re here to explore other routes. Ways to reach the target consumer more effectively and more creatively, thereby being more successful in attaining your purpose: The Site Visit.

1. Interactive Radio Campaigns
It’s a simple thought process. No matter the pricing of a project, the buyer would be someone who already has a car. And even if they have the largest collection of their own music, they will still listen to the radio. Especially since the quality of the content and the choice available today is pretty damn good.
Forget the dialogue-between-a-couple-praising-the-features-and-pricing type radio spots. Also forget the creative ones. The former is forgotten and the latter is remembered only for the creativity. You know who your target audience is. You know what they like. Connect your project USPs to that. Radio is used predominantly as entertainment. So it has to be fun.
For a low-cost apartment project with location as one of the selling points, we created a radio contest where listeners had to drive from a predetermined location to the site, and the fastest time won a free apartment. It created a database, it sold the USP and it got people to the site.
While that might not work for the target audience of a luxury villa project, there are always creative routes to reach any buyer. Radio stations are more than glad to tie-up for such customised campaigns for extremely reasonable costs, and will also help create the content and provide manpower to coordinate it.

[This post is part of an ongoing series. More to come soon.]

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