How Brand Purpose is driving the new-age business


There’s a reason why the Brand Purpose is redefining the way businesses are thinking. It permeates brand strategy, corporate culture and even product positioning. We think it’s because the Brand Purpose distances itself from marketing objectives and management directives. It’s the simple essence of a brand. It’s not something created. It’s not aspirational. It’s defined collectively by customers, employees, management, products and services, geographies and everything else that are part of a brand. It’s emotional. And all we need to do is look for it.

The biggest branding agencies are spearheading the movement, leading their clients on a war footing towards a purpose-first approach. And it’s because the Purpose genuinely bridges the relationship between corporations and community. Which explains why we’re seeing brands all around us increasingly using social messages to reach out. Consumers are skeptical about blatant marketing, rather aligning themselves to brands that match their beliefs and values. The true connect happens when a consumer finds a brand with shared values, offering a product that satisfies their needs.

This immediately throws up a whole new, but complex approach to marketing. From focusing on advertising about the product, the focus is now on creating a world where the brand values come together with the product positioning. This, when done right, creates a unique message, reaching out to the right consumer.

The Nescafe ad featuring a stammering comedian was first released exclusively online, where it made so much buzz, it made its way to TV. Clearly an outcome of a well-defined brand purpose, merging perfectly with the product positioning. Here’s a brand that once had Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone as its face, now connecting with consumers through a stronger message.

What’s also important is how the Purpose makes things a lot easier for the brand. There is a certain science to the whole process. Market research becomes more defined. The questions during employee interviews and management workshops become more thoughtful. We’ve found that a simple question, “Besides the money, why do you come to work every day?” brings out answers that give a clearer view of the Purpose than pages of market research data.

Walt Disney started with a simple purpose of “Making people happy”. It boils down to everything they do. Unlike Disney, not all organizations start with a clearly defined purpose. Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t there to begin with. But unlocking it will help streamline a business, attracting the right employees and consumers to expedite growth.

Alok Logo Purple

Working alongside Astrum, we recently helped Alok Masterbatches bring alive their purpose and re-brand to align with the same. We used the insights generated by Astrum’s research which resonated the fact that Alok put challenging assignments needing innovation and technology ahead of volume and commodity manufacturing. This also supported the positioning of Alok being an innovator, creating unique applications that made plastics safer and more sustainable. Together we brought alive the purpose through the re-design of its corporate identity and defined the purpose as “Adding Good”. This demonstrated the power of combining science and creativity to create a holistic communication solution. Thanks to the Astrum team for this winning partnership.

  Alok Purpose


To view Alok’s graphic identity redesign project, click here.

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